How To Create A Wedding Website That Stands Out? Find Here!

More couples are opting to have a wedding website, and it makes so much sense. You can share all the details of the main event and other parties, and it is easy to get confirmations from guests. Of course, your wedding website is a personal treasure of sorts, and you would want it to look appealing and engaging. If you know how to make a website, here are some of the other tips that may help in improving the portal.

  • Focus on your love story. Do not create a generic website. It is your big day, and you would want people to know about the journey to the aisle.
  • Ask for electronic RSVPs. This is not always useful, but you may want to have this option. Electronic RSVPs are easy to create, especially if you are using WordPress.
  • Don’t go for a boring theme. Same old fairytale themes can be boring. You want to be sure that the theme of your wedding website represents the actual theme of the event.
  • Add organic and personal content. No one wants to read boring essays on a wedding website. Everything that you write on the site has to be meaningful and should come from a personal space.
  • Use a lot of high-quality images. This is equally useful in weaving a visual story. You can use photos from your engagement, pre-wedding photoshoot or even from the past. Just refrain from using stock photos.
  • Add local information. If you are expecting guests from other parts of the country, make sure that you have all the local information handy, including cab service numbers, hotels, and restaurants.

  • Be careful with gift registries. While having a gift registry is wise, you don’t want it to look obvious. Be polite about it and include it beyond the home page.
  • Share other details. In case you want the guests to stay back for a day more for another event, please mention that in detail. Also, make sure that the dress code and other expectations are spelled loud and clear.
  • Include the social media hashtag. It is almost common to have a hashtag for weddings, and if you have one, do include it at least a few times on the website.

Finally, make sure that the website doesn’t look like an advertisement. Wedding websites need to be fun, and you may want to keep some humor in it, without being too dramatic.

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