Steps To Getting Married

There is a lot of joy when two people decide to get married and are considered a thing of joy and endless possibilities. When you are younger, the dream of getting the people perfect spouse and picking out the perfect dress seems like something from a fairytale. When we think of weddings, our minds move to cakes, drinks and of course a nice tux or a dress.

When you finally get older, you tend to go meet the woman or the man of your dreams and everything begins to look a little more realistic and planning the wedding you have done for a while but without much thought and commitment starts to be the thing on your mind.

Some people opt for a quieter and smaller wedding while others like to go big or go home. Both are totally fine and should be based on your preference. However, getting married requires a lot of steps, and these steps include:

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Falling In Love

OK, so this is a no-brainer. Finding a person you love a lot would give you the impression of spending the rest of your life with them, but this could be the longest step in getting married because you need to meet people and spend time together with them. You also need to go out on dates, and in time you tend to fall in love and know this is it. Another important thing is making sure the Other party loves you too as you both are two sides of the same coin. When you have found a partner you would want to spend your life with, own a house and have children, then you can process to the next step.

The Proposal

When you have gotten serious with someone for a while, then the thought of marriage tends to start crossing your mind more often and if you bring up the subject and your partner is good with it, then you can move to the proposal. If you are the one proposing, keeping it simple or grand is entirely up to you, and if you’re the one getting proposed to, all you have to do is stretch out your hand and say yes and in the twinkle of an eye, you are engaged which brings us to the next step.

Planning A Wedding

Planning a wedding is one of the second longest processes you can think of when it comes to getting married, and that’s OK. The wedding you have would depend On you and your partner’s preference. It could be grand or just a quiet ceremony with family and friends. So all you have to do is plan the wedding and the reception to suit your wants.

Getting Your Marriage License

This is Different from state to state so you might want to make enquires to know things needed and how you can apply for a marriage license. The information you would need to know is how old you and your partner needs to be and how much a license would cost. You would also inquire about the forms of ID required to pick up the license and how long your waiting period might be. Some states require a blood test, and you need to get an officiator has your marriage certificate where they are your signatures and their present. In about a week, a copy Is usually sent to you.

Find an Officiator to Marry You And Say Your “I Dos”

Where you get married is a determinate factor as you can choose to get married in the courthouse and all you need is a judge or a justice of the peace. Sometimes all you need is a court clerk. But if you choose to get married somewhere else, then you would require an officiator who has been authorized to marry People in your particular state. If you want to obtain for a religious ceremony, you can get a member of the clergy. Since there are charged involved, ensure to ask for rates as well as availability and always keep in touch to remind them before the big day.

Once all this has been settled, then all you have to do is show up at your place of choice and say your ” I do” and you are now declared a married couple.

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